High Capacity

High Capacity Clarifier/Thickeners

high capacity 1 - Enviro-Clear Clarifier Thickener

Feed pulp enters thickener and is flocculated. The flocculated pulp enters an active setting zone at a controlled velocity in a horizontal direction.


The Enviro-Clear® Clarifier/Thickener represents a significant advance in the technology of liquid/solid separation.

– Deeper feedwellhigh capacity 2 - Clarifier Thickener Tank
– Submerged feedwell discharge
– Feed pipe submerged
– Radial distribution of feed
– Faster separation
– Achieves superior effluent clarity and high solids underflow in one operation
– Higher solids concentration
– Space requirement reduced down to 1/10
– Small size reduces cost of fully enclosed units
– Quick response assures tight control
– Short retention time limits secondary reactions
– Handles wide range of particle sizeshigh capacity 3 - High Capacity Clarifier Thickener
– Accommodates large variations of pulp feed and solids concentration
– Not sensitive to temperature change
– Start-ups and shutdowns are faster
– Feedwell dilution or External dilution
– Enviro-Clear is a continuous liquid/solid separating system
– Maximizes flocculant usage resulting in substantially less flocculant


Tanks can also be supplied as part of the Clarifier/Thickener package.  Modern materials and design methods are used to supply both slab supported and free standing tanks.

Enviro-Clear®’s engineering and design services will customize the equipment to meet your requirements.  Enviro-Clear® bridge and center pier drives are proven the most reliable in the industry..

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