Horizontal Belt Vacuum Filters

Horizontal Belt Vacuum Filters

Horizontal Belt Filter - Belt Filter

The Enviro-Clear® Horizontal Belt Vacuum Filter can be arranged to provide both dewatering and washing or only dewatering. When designed to include washing, the number of wash stages and wash arrangement can be varied to optimize the process.

The Enviro-Clear® Horizontal Belt Vacuum Filter design is providing continuous, reliable service in the harsh operating environment of the chemical and mineral processing industry.

– Heavy duty frame
– Transport belt specially designed for service
– Stationary curbing
– Flexible formed curbing bonded to transport belt
– An Air Cushon® support
– Feed dam roller
– Automatic cloth tensioning
– Feed distributor provides uniform distribution
– Low friction vacuum box and wear system
– Automatic retractable vacuum box system
– Maximum filtration efficiency
– Advanced seal design reduces vacuum leakage
– Top feed of slurry promotes faster separation
– Uniform cake thickness is achieved with Enviro-Clear® feed boxes
– Efficient multi-stage washing. Areas for filtering, washing and drying are quickly adjusted over a wide range
– High impact jet cleaning of filter cloth maintains permeability
– Life of transport belt is extended
– Low maintenance requirements improve cost efficiency

The Enviro-Clear® Horizontal Belt Vacuum Filters are built with quality components designed to produce continuous reliable service in the adverse operating environments encountered in chemical and mineral processing operations.

Enviro-Clear® Horizontal Belt Vacuum Filters are designed and constructed to:
1.      Withstand the adverse operating conditions
2.      Enhance filtration rate
3.      Reduce frictional drag and wear
4.      Minimize vacuum and filtrate leakage
5.      Lower maintenance costs
6.      Increase on-line production time

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